The collectors : William Wylie

William Michael Wylie

In addition to his accounts of the Fairford excavations, Wylie delivered to the Antiquaries numerous addresses primarily on the results of other peoples explorations in Germany and France.

Wylie was elected to the Society of Antiquaries in 1851. He was a member of Merton College and of University Club, London. He moved to Fairford in 1847. He later moved to Blackwater, near Farnham, then to Headington Villa, Oxford, where he died in 1887. He is listed in directories from 1883.

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amber beads

String of amber beads (AN1961.165) from Wylie's excavation at Fairford in the 1850s

His death was announced at an Antiquaries meeting of February 24th. His widow Ann continued to live on at the Villa until her death in 1894.


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