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Aerial Photographs - Major Allen's Photographs

Major George Allen (1891-1940) was one of the first people in Oxfordshire to own an aeroplane - a red De Haviland Puss Moth, named 'Maid of the Mist'. He had his own private airfield at Clifton Hampden, about 5 miles from his home in Iffley.

Allen's first recorded flight is in February 1933 when he flew over Cassington and into Berkshire, photographing the already known sites of Ram's Hill and Uffington hillforts, and the Bronze Age barrows.

The last recorded flight is in August 1939 when he flew over Wittenham Clumps going south to Donnington near Newbury.

As well as the large number of archaeological sites, he took photographs of town and city centres, cathedrals, racing circuits, gravel pits, the Brecon Beacons and cloud formations.

Major Allen's aeroplane (Album ref 20,46)

Major Allen's aeroplane (Album Ref 20, 46)

Lambourn Severn Barrows 1933 (Album Ref 1, 13)

Lambourn Seven Barrows taken on Allen's first recorded flight 11 February 1933 (Album Ref 1, 13)

Wittenham Clumps, Oxfordshire 1939 (Album Ref 19, 38)

Wittenham Clumps, Oxfordshire taken on Allen's last recorded flight 27 August 1939 (Album Ref 19, 38)

Centre of Oxford 1933 (Album Ref 20, 148)

Centre of Oxford taken 10 June 1933 (Album Ref 20, 148)

Clouds over Andover 1933 (Album Ref 2, 121)

Clouds over Andover taken 8 July 1933 (Album Ref 2, 121)

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