British Antiquarian and Archaeological Archives at the Ashmolean Museum:

Excavation Archives

Archaeological archives conist of all parts of the record for an episode of archaeological work, including the finds, environmental samples and digital records as well as the written, drawn and photographic documentation. The Department of Antiquities holds the documentary records for most, but not all, of the collections resulting from excavations in Britain that are held by the museum. Coverage is most complete for excavations conducted by professional archaeological organisations snce the 1980s, and for work undertaken by museum staff since the 1920s. There are also records for some excavations undertaken by the University of Oxford Archaeological Society from the 1950s to 1960s. There are few records for pre-20th century excavations, although some are contained in Research archives. For example, records of excavations at Frilford 1867-70 are in the Professor George Rolleson archive.

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June 2012