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Case study on the Ashmolean's collection of objects from Late Roman Oxfordshire

Discover more about the Ashmolean's collection of aerial photographs and the individuals who took them.

Explore the collection of brass rubbings held by the Ashmolean.

Highlights of British coinage in the Heberden Coin Room at the Ashmolean Museum

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Iron age sword from Wittenham, Oxfordshire

Late Roman military belt found in a burial at Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

Late 9th century jewel with links to King Alfred. One of the treasures of the Ashmolean.

17th century lantern said to have belonged to Guy Fawkes

Percy Manning's collection of 19th century truncheons and constables' staffs.

Gold finger ring was found by a metal detectorist in the area of Bolnhurst and Keysoe (Bedfordshire) in 2013

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Major George Allen's aerial photographs of Maiden Castle, Dorset.

Archive of the archaeologist Edward Thurlow Leeds

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Deserted medieval settlement at Seacourt, Oxfordshire

Roman farm site at Shakenoak, nr Witney, Oxfordshire