British Archaeology at the Ashmolean


We would like to thank the following people whose hard work and commitment have made this project possible.

Project Steering Committee:

Robert Thorpe (Operations Director)
Nick Mayhew (Deputy Director - Collections)
Susan Walker (Keeper of Antiquities)
Jonathan Moffett (ICT Manager and Web Manager)
Andrew Taylor and Vanessa Peters (Ashmolean Programme Managers)

Project Co-Investigators:

Arthur MacGregor (former Acting Keeper of Antiquities)
Susan Walker (Keeper of Antiquities)

British Archaeology Project Team:

Alison Roberts - Project Manager and Researcher
Chris Powell (Project ICT & TEI Manager)
Sarah Glover (Project Web Designer)
Chris Edbury (Project Research Assistant)
Angela Cox (Project Research Assistant)
Kristina Glicksman (Project Research Assistant)
Jennifer Foster (Project Research Assistant)

Our very sincere thanks to everyone who worked on the project, especially:

Eleanor Standley (Antiquities Assistant Keeper for Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Collections)
Suzanne Anderson and Ilaria Perzia (Antiquities Departmental Administrators)
Julie Clements and Helen Hovey (Antiquities Documentation Officers)
Alan Russell and Anjanesh Babu (Ashmolean ITC Department)
Chris Osman (Documentation Manager)
Chris Howgego, Julian Baker, Volker Heuchert, John Naylor and Roz Britton-Strong (Heberden Coin Room)
Cath Casley and Caroline Palmer (Department of Western Art)
Claudia van Deventer, Helen Cooper and Andrew Noton (Finance Office)
David Gowers and Anne Holly (Ashmolean Photography Department)
Katherine Wodehouse and Amy Taylor (Ashmolean Picture Library)
Mark Norman, Daniel Bone, Elizabeth Gardner and Alexandra Greathead (Department of Conservation)
Jo Rice, Helen Ward, Jude Barrett and Rowan Guthrie (Education Service)
Sonia Power and Julia Allan (Human Resources)
Greg Jones (Design Department)