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These Romano-British jars were two of the first Roman objects to enter the museum’s collection. These two pots may be the ‘2 Roman Urnes’ recorded in the 1656 catalogue of the Tradescant collection, known as The Book of the Junior Proctor; although this identification is uncertain. AN1685B.681 is a brownish-orange, wide-mouthed jar with its rim grooved to take a lid. This pot is typical of material produced in the Hertfordshire/Middlesex region during the first half of the second century AD. As these pots were not distributed far from their production sites, it is likely that the jar was found in or around London, perhaps during the rebuilding following the great fire of 1666, or Verulamium (St Albans).

The Ashmolean holds a variety of objects from London in the British collections including the following examples:

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Two Roman Pots from Founding Collection (Click to enlarge)

These two pots were the Ashmolean's first Romano-British artefacts (AN1685B.681 & AN1685B.683)

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