British Antiquarian and Archaeological Archives at the Ashmolean Museum:

British Archaeology Topographic Files

The Department of Antiquities holds a set of files of archaeological information organised alphabitically by British parish or placename. The files date mainly to the 1960s-1970s, but remained active until the 1990s They cover mostly places in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties, but places in other parts of Britain are represented. The files include correspondence, fieldwork notes, sketches, photographs, press-cuttings, booklets, offprints, and drafts of record cards and publications. The files were originally listed by Department of Antiquities Conservators in 1995, when the files were transferred to archival storage. The catalogue was revised and updated during the AHRC funded British Archaeology at the Ashmolean project.

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  • Astwick
  • Bedford : Notes and drawings of small finds
  • Bedfordshire : Misc. C
  • Berkshire

  • Berkshire : Misc. C; "The Berkshire Ridgeway" booklet (1971); map of county
  • Bray : note on pot sherds
  • Bristol

  • Bristol : Booklet on Ancient Bristol Exploration Fund


  • Ashendon
  • Buckinghamshire : misc. c., maps of county, list of objects in museum from county (1953)
  • Bledlow : also see Chalfont St Peter : notes on burials
  • Brill : misc. c., p.c.; "Medieval pottery kilns at Brill: Excavations in 1953" by E. M. Jope (typed article.)
  • Cambridgeshire

  • Cambridgeshire : misc. notes &print of drawing of Anglo-Saxon bronze-gilt clasp.
  • Allington Hill (see also Bottisham)
  • Barrington : Misc N.P.
  • Bottisham : also see Allington Hill : notes and photo of disc brooch
  • Cambridge : misc. p., n., sketches re find from St John's College Cricket Ground.
  • "On a small head of Saxon Sceaton found near Cambridge" by Sir John Evans (repr. from Numism. Chronicle, 1894)
  • Cornwall

  • Bodrifty : Drawings: Plans of excavation from 1951 (2 sheets).
  • Cumbria

  • Birdoswald : Photo and drawing of cruciform brooch
  • Derbyshire

  • Brassington : note re necklace
  • Brislingcote : c. re brooch


  • Boscombe Chine : notes and drawings of hanging-bowl and axehead
  • Bournemouth : note on burial


  • Audley End


  • Alveston (see also Bidford and Stratford-on-Avon).
  • Barnsley : Note on pottery.
  • Barrington, Great : Misc. C and N.
  • Bishops Cleeve : misc. notes, photos, correspondence
  • Blockley : misc. notes and photos
  • Bourton-on-the Water : misc. n., c., p.
  • Broadwell : misc. n.


  • Basingstoke : Note on burial at West Ham.
  • Bedhampton : Note on burials
  • Brockbridge : notes on saucer brooch
  • Braighton (Hants) : n. and c. re burial
  • Brown Candover : n. on burial

Isle of Wight

  • Arreton Down (see also Carisbrooke)
  • Bowcombe : notes, drawings, photos re finds from Bowcombe Down
  • Brading : c. re ?Jutish vase
  • Carisbrooke : also see Arreton Down : misc.n. on burials and print of plan of cemetery


  • Ashford
  • Aylesford
  • Boughton Aluph : prints of drawings of spearhead, fibula and shield-boss
  • Breach Down : note and diagram of misc. small finds
  • Broadstairs : misc. n. and sketches of small finds; Copy of notes from Proc. of Soc. of Ants. (1910) by H. Hurd (on Anglo-Saxon cemetery)
  • Buttsole : 2 photos of object
  • Canterbury : misc. n., p., c., p.c.
  • Leicestershire

  • Beeby : Notes, photos and drawings of brooches and clasps
  • Billesdon : Photos, notes and sketches re brooches
  • Bottesford : note and drawing of cruciform brooch
  • Breedon-on-the-Hill : notes and drawings re misc. small finds


  • Ancaster
  • Bagmoor, Burton upon Stather
  • Barton-upon-Humber : Misc. N, C, P, sketch of hanging-bowl handle. 'Saxon Hanging Bowls' article by T. Sheppard.
  • Bennington, Long : Misc. C
  • Bracebridge : c. re ?finds
  • Castle Bytham : notes re burial
  • London

  • Beddington : Misc. N and C
  • Brockley Hill : pamphlet on excavation by London and Middlesex Arch. Soc.


  • Bale
  • Bridgham : c. re brooch; two photos
  • Brundall : Print of pot drawing
  • Caistor-by-Norwich, also see Caistor St Edmund, misc. p., n., sketches of finds, c.
  • Caistor St Edmund, also see Caistor-by-Norwich
  • Castle Acre : notes, sketches and photos re small finds & pottery


  • Aston-le-Walls
  • Astrop
  • Barton Seagrave : Note and sketch re cruciform brooch
  • Bozeat : also see Easton Maudit : misc. c., air p.
  • Brafield : misc. c.
  • Brixworth : photos and sketches of brooches; misc. c. and n.
  • Byfield : n. on finds
  • Canons Ashby : n. on spearhead
  • Northumberland

  • Camboise, n. on burials


  • Abingdon (includes correspondence with Abingdon Excavation Committee and the Upper Thames Archaeological Committee from 1971 to 1975).
  • Adderbury
  • Adwell
  • Alchester
  • Alkerton
  • Alvescot
  • Ambrosden
  • Appleton
  • Ardley
  • Ascot under Wychwood and Ascot d'Oyley (see also Hanborough)
  • Asterleigh (see also Kiddington)
  • Asthall
  • Aston (see also Cote)
  • Aston, North and Steeple
  • Aston Clinton
  • Aston Rowan.
  • Aston Tirrold
  • Baldon, Marsh and Toot
  • Badgemore
  • Bampton
  • Banbury
  • Barford St .John and St. Michael parish
  • Barton, Middle, Steeple and Westcott
  • Beacon Hill, Aston Rowant : Misc. notes; 'A cemetery site at Beacon Hill' by R. A. Chambers (reprinted from Oxon. vol. XXXVIII); 'Iron Knives from Beacon Hill Cemetery ' article (typed) with original notes for the article (1973)
    Beckley : Misc. N, C, P.C.
    Begbroke : Misc. N, C
    Benson : Misc. C, P, P.C., N, A.P.; List of artefacts from Benson in Ashmolean Museum
    Berinsfield : Misc. C and N
    Berrick Salome : misc. C and N
    Besselsleigh : Note
    Bicester : Misc. N, C, P.C. - includes Priory materials other than that re 1968/9 dig.
    Barrow Hills Field, Radley, Oxon.. : see under Radley below.
    Binsey : misc. notes, correspondence, photos
    Blackbird Leys. : see under Oxford (Blackbird Leys) below.
    Blenheim Park. : Drawings; Two sections across the Roman road (1898); Archive Box: Miscellaneous correspondence, notes, air photographs and other photographs.
    Bloxham : misc. notes, correspondence, photos
    Boars Hill : misc. notes, correspondence, drawing of pot
    Bodicote : note on Roman coin
    Botley : notes and correspondence re Roman finds
    Bourton, Great : misc notes
    Bozedown Hill Fort : c. re intended excavation
    Brackley : misc. c.
    Brighthampton : one folder: misc. n., p., s.f.d., c., air p., typed notes on cemetery, negatives of small finds drawing, "Report of researches in a cemetery of the Anglo-Saxon period at Brighthampton" by J. Y. Akerman (art.);
    one folder: misc. notes - Drafts 1 and 2
    Brightwell Baldwin (Oxon.) : misc. n., c.
    Britwell Salome : misc. n.
    Brize Norton : misc. n.
    Brookehampton : see Newington, North and South
    Braighton (Oxon.) : misc. n. and c.
    Braighton Poggs : misc n., c., s.f.d., p. - PROB Broughton Poggs
    Bucknell : misc. n. and c.
    Burcot : misc. c. and n.
    Burford : misc. c., n., p.c., air p., sketch of shield boss
    Burroway Castle : see Clanfield
    Buscott : see Kelmscott (other disc)
  • Hagbourne Hill (file labelled “Agbourne Hill")


  • Akenham


  • Alfriston


  • Alcester


  • Alton Barnes
  • Alvediston
  • Ashton Keynes
  • Avebury


  • Badsey

North Yorkshire

  • Acklam Wold


  • Monmouthshire, Abergavenny
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